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Just Who are the Lakes Area Players?
We were formed in 2004 by Elaine Pearson.  Elaine has been involved with many Christian theatrical productions and wanted to further pursue writing plays and musicals.  She contacted several of the actors and singers that she has worked with over the years and the Lakes Area Players was born.

We are a Christian Theatrical Group that promotes positive messages through drama and music.  Currently we have two productions in the form of Madrigal Dinner that is performed at Christmas and Christ's Passion, which is performed during Holy Week and Easter.  We also are involved in mystery dinner theatres and have a singing ensemble as well.  We are working on ideas for other productions to be revealed within the next few years.

Quaker Haven Camp located on the beautiful shores of Dewart Lake in Syracuse, Indiana has partnered with the Lakes Area Players for our main productions.  The camp is a beautiful location for our plays and dinner theatres and we enjoy the working relationship that we have with them.

It is our hope that you will be touched in a special way by our performances and that the good news of Jesus Christ will be evident in all that we do.  We look forward to sharing the talents that God has provided to us through our dramas.

Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Lakes Area Players to provide wholesome, positve entertainment through music and drama. We are driven by our need to express the love of Jesus Christ to all through the talents and gifs He has provided to each of us.
It is our mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ as directed to us in Matthew 28:19 - 20.

We refuse to compromise in our goal of performing positve, meaningful dramas and musicales to all who come to see our productons. we pledge to give glory to God, the Father, in all that we do as it is our mission to exemplify the love of Jesus Christ in every aspect of each performance. The Lakes Area Players promises to deliver quality programs, in conjuncton with our belief system.
That belief being that Jesus Christ is the risen savior.


  1. Elaine Pearson - CEO/ Director
    Elaine Pearson - CEO/ Director
    Elaine founded Lakes Area Players in 2004. She has written and directed the Madrigal and Christ's Passion.
  2. Matt Graber- President
    Matt Graber- President
    Matthew Graber joined Lakes Area Players in 2017 where he made his debut in Christ's Passion as John the Beloved. His passions include raising his children with his wife, writing and singing original songs, hiking and enjoying God's creation. One of his favorite quotes is "When words fail, music speaks".
  3. Rod Urick - Vice President
    Rod Urick - Vice President
  4. Barb Parker - Secretary
    Barb Parker - Secretary
    Barb joined the cast and crew about 2011. She performs in both shows, as well as helps with set design and construction. "This is my family's way of telling the story if Jesus and hopefully touching someone's heart to become a follower too."
  5. Raymond Moomau - Treasurer
    Raymond Moomau - Treasurer
    Raymond joined the cast and crew of the Lakes Area Players in 2007. He has been involved with Murder Mystery Dinners, and Christ Passion as an actor, tech crew and set construction. " Having worked lighting and sound in the past it truly is incredible how much goes into the productions you know, see, and love. Being on that stage is one of the most amazing feelings you can have, especially when you give the part your all."
  6. Caleb Hochstetler - Youth at Large
    Caleb Hochstetler - Youth at Large
  7. Jason Dorsett - Spiritual Advisor
    Jason Dorsett - Spiritual Advisor
    Jason joined the cast in 2014. He performs in the Madrigal as well as portrays Jesus in the Christ's Passion.
  8. Larry Guyer - Tech Advisor
    Larry Guyer - Tech Advisor
  9. Jennifer Christian - Adult at Large
    Jennifer Christian - Adult at Large
    Jennifer started with Lakes Area Players in 2014. She loves to sing and act, especially playing the role of Mother Mary. She attends Calvary Baptist Church of Nappanee. Romans 12:10 Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another; Romans 12:18 If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.